#WomenOfPower - Ing. Jacqueline Ofori-Atta (Mrs)

When were you employed in PDS, then ECG?
I was employed in January, 1994 as an Assistant Electrical Engineer with the Engineering Directorate. Specifically with the Design and Construction Division.
Why did you choose PDS?
After completing my National Service with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Tema, I began looking for a permanent job.  Having read Electrical and Electronic Engineering and majoring in Power, I was interested in a company that was power related.  My first option was thus PDS, the name behind Electricity in Ghana.I applied alongside a lot of my classmates from KNUST and out of a class of 24 who graduated in 1992 most of us were employed by PDS.
What challenges do you face as a woman with the position you hold in PDS?
Being the only woman amongst the Regional General Managers, I find myself being the only lady at most meetings/fora. I have had some strange reactions when I am introduced at times but I take it as part of the work.  I am quite used to being amongst a lot of men.  I attended a Boys’ Sixth form College and was the only lady in my engineering class. So, I am really comfortable working amongst men.
Of course, you get some men who do not like lady bosses but then I always have a way of working with them. What is important is knowing your stuff, being confident, assertive and making sure you deliver.
How do you manage the home with work?
Women are generally known to multitask.  It takes a lot of effort to excel at work and also keep a home. It requires a lot of planning and organizing to ensure that you are on point at all times. I have a fantastic family who have supported me tremendously especially when I had to live away from home for 8 years.
How do you find working with PDS?
During my career with PDS, I have worked with the Engineering and Operations Directorates. I started with Engineering, moved to Operations, back to Engineering and currently with Operations. It’s been a very diverse experience for me with the greatest challenge being the last seven years when I have worked as a General Manager in the Regions. However with careful planning, commitment, focus and great teamwork, it’s been good so far.
What Advice will you give to women who are interested in working with PDS or a perceived male-dominated company?
Perception is everything and it is not entirely true that PDS is male dominated.
PDShas so many directorates with equal opportunities for both women and men.  Women are making inroads into the traditionally male-dominated fields.  The key is to be qualified, know your stuff and excel at whatever you do.
Editors Note: Behind every organisation are #WomenOfPower. These women blaze the trail against all odds and play a pivotal role in the success of any organisation. These women inspire us each day as the combine managing the home and their careers. PDS would also like to appreciate the Women of Power behind our success. In the third of our series of #WomenOfPower, are some women in strategic Positions.
Interview By:
Philip Osei Bonsu (Public Relations Officer/Western region)

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