Getting Electricity

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Getting Electricity





Any prospective customer who requires electricity supply should contact the

Customer Relations Executive (CRE) at any Electricity Company of Ghana District /Regional Office.

Supply Application form can be obtained at GH¢10.00. 

Customers’ electrical installation and maintenance should be carried out by licensed electricians in accordance with the prevailing wiring regulations. Please demand and inspect the license issued to him by Energy Commission required by Law (LI 2008).

The prospective customer will be required to submit to the Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) the following documents:

  •        A completed ECG Supply Application Form.
  •        An Installation Completion Certificate duly completed and signed by the licensed electrician who undertook the
           wiring of the customer’s house or premises as required by Law (LI 2008).
  •        The original and photocopy of applicants identification (National ID / Passport / Voters ID /Driver’s License).
  •        The original and photocopy of applicant’s site plan.
  •        For non-residential customers: a proof of business is required.




An inspection team will visit and survey the site for information that will be needed for the provision of a quotation or estimate.

If the necessary conditions are satisfied, the customer will be called when the quotation for the cost of electricity supply is  ready.

A request for electricity supply that involves more than 2 poles is considered as a development project and that will require engineering studies.




Subject to the full payment of the quotation by the prospective customer, ECG will then get you connected.

The approved costs for the various types of service connection are provided below for the guidance of prospective customers:

1 - Phase 3 - Phase
Straight Service 400.00 700.00
1 – Pole Extension 2,400.00 4,000.00
2 – Pole Extension 4,200.00 7,000.00
Separate Meter 82.25 176.00
Additional Load (upgrade to 3-phase)                          500.00

The above charges are VAT/NHIL inclusive.



Straight service

ECG draws a service line from the nearest ECG pole to the customer-end installation and terminates it an energy meter.

Separate Meter

ECG only installs an additional meter to customer premises that already has an ECG service line and energy meter(s)

Additional Load

ECG draws two additional lines to the customer premises to upgrade an existing single phase service to a three phase service. The existing single phase meter is also replaced with a three phase meter.

1 or 2 Pole Extension

ECG extends the network with additional pole(s) and conductors and then draws a service line from the pole(s) to the customer premises. This service includes the installation of an energy meter.

SHEP (Self Help Electrification Project)/GOG Project

This is similar to a normal straight service connection. It is generally funded by the Government of Ghana and therefore concessionary rates (determined periodically by GOG) apply.



High Voltage Connection



Any prospective customer who requires electricity supply at High voltage (11kV or 33kV) to a facility should apply in writing to the General Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Regional office where the facility is located, with a soft copy to the Director of Engineering at the ECG Head office in Accra via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application (usually prepared by the Applicant’s electrical consultant or Contractor) should include the expected power demand (KVA) required, the location of the facility, the earliest connection date required and the type of load for which the power is required (i.e. Mining, shopping mall, real estate, manufacturing, construction etc.)

The prospective customer is required to provide following documents as part of his application to ECG:

  • A list of the major equipment to be Installed and their approximate power rating.
  • A Map indicating the approximate location of the site
  • A schedule for the phased demand, if the power would be required at different stages.



A team from the ECG Engineering Directorate will visit and survey the site to obtain information required for the preparation of a cost estimate.  Usually two or three design options for the electrical connection will be prepared and the applicant will be advised on the cost of the various options including a recommendation on the optimum option.

The recommended option together with the cost estimates and the mode of payment will be communicated to the applicant in an official letter signed by the Director of Engineering. 



Subject to the payment of the cost estimates by the prospective customer, ECG will then hand over the project to a licensed ECG contractor to undertake the installation works.

Depending on the amount, the applicant may approach ECG to negotiate a payment plan for the payment of the estimated cost.

Please Note that unlike Low Voltage connections, there are no standard rates or cost estimates for the High Voltage works, as the cost depends on the amount of power required, the distance to the nearest ECG High Voltage line or substation and whether the facility will be connected to a public feeder or a dedicated feeder.





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